Metagame Phase 2: Human Readable Web3 Activity

Phase 1: Complete

Since November we’ve released 3 earned NFTs that showcase the emergent power of using historical on-chain data to generate unique and user-specific art and attributes. The support from the community (AKA Crypto Twitter) has blown me away – so many people tweeting out their Birthblocks, Token Gardens, and Heartbeats. Their enthusiasm coalesces around a central theme - that earned NFTs have the possibility to reflect their activity on the network and actions to the rest of the community.

The Long Term Vision

The long term vision will be woven by creating stable infrastructure, environments, and tooling required to foster the emergence of values-based communities with religious levels of alignment. It’s not a far stretch to imagine multiple DAOs with power, influence, and geographic decentralization rivaling the Catholic Church.

Values are truly defined by one’s actions, and society has long sought to more closely align personal values with individuals’ actions. Blockchain represents a unique opportunity to achieve that paradigm through the distributed ledger; it could be said that the truest actions that exist are actions stamped and verifiable on a blockchain. The transactions, messages, art, and code commits you sign denote a compelling ability to codify your values publicly.

Metagame phase 2: Human Readable Web3 Activity

Anyone can look up someone’s .eth address and scroll back to their first transaction to see how long they’ve been using Ethereum. But no one does that. With Birthblock, Token Garden, and Heartbeat, you gain insight into the depth and breadth of an individual's actions on the network by just looking at the type of NFTs brought forth in this discussion. This visual representation creates a more captivating and arguably more persistent transmission of dynamic information behind a user’s activity; rendering a new dimension when compared against more static NFT cousins.

Phase 2 is about assembling raw transaction data into more digestible and distinct formats at scale.

nick.eth submitted EP1

rainbowwallet.eth voted on EP1

kylemccollom.eth minted 4 Zorbs

lilac.eth was paid for contributing to FWB

The above types of actions represent possible futures for both Web3 social and professional feeds; surely new as-of-yet-uninvented formats will also be included. This data can be used for gated digital spaces, airdrops, and more. It’s easy to imagine that infrastructure like The Graph and Ceramic Network will be deeply contributive pieces to the unfolding landscape.

And just like the transactions themselves, how we derive these human readable actions will have to be open-source – and one day, validated by a network of entities.

Metagame has already begun conversations with a variety of projects and teams that have started building out the basic blocks behind this infrastructure. At this stage, collaboration is the foremost requirement to the success of these projects, including participation from Joey & Rapha from, Woj from, Reka from, Dan & Varun from Farcaster, Tina from 0xStation, Alex at Showtime, Kyle from Daylight, Richie from Clarity, and Lonis & David from Dework.

If you’re also building or thinking about this space, please reach out!

You can follow updates via @Metagame

Back to building. 🛠

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